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27/01/2009 - A Phuket property investment with it's own private airport.  27/01/2009 - A Phuket property investment with it's own private airport.

Imagine flying to Phuket in your private plane and parking it outside your front door. Sound good?  Now, with the opening of Phuket's first private airport, it can be a reality.
Phuket Airpark have recently opened the first private airstrip in Phuket and released a limited number of hangar lots and 'pilot village' condominiums for sale.

Located in Pa Khlok on the east coast of Phuket, The Airpark has a 500m runway and occupies a site of 116 Rai (185,600m2).  The Airpark caters for small private planes and is an ideal location for pilots and light aircraft enthusiasts who need somewhere to park their wings.  Facilities at the Airpark include a club house, restaurant and a small number of bamboo bungalows.

Adrian Held, Director of Phuket Airpark and himself a keen pilot, said in a recent interview ''the idea is that people want to have their house and their hangar just next to the house, that146s an airpark.'' 

''At the moment we have a 550m strip but we have already purchased land to extend it to 700m and we may extend to 1000m in the future.  We don't want to restrict the aircraft here we want to be open to everybody, that146s the idea of aviation, no borders.''

It is now common to see private planes arriving in Phuket, a direct result of the increase in the supply of luxury property on the island.  Four years ago you could count the annual number of private plane arrivals on one hand but now they number between four and five hundred per year.

Hangar lots at Phuket Airpark can be purchased from 6,000,000 Baht and ''pilot village'' condominiums are available from 5,000,000 Baht.  

We wonder if John Travolta will be interested?

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