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20/07/2009 - Price war on Thailand's airlines.  20/07/2009 - Price war on Thailand's airlines.

Has there ever been a better time to fly from Thailand?

An airfare war is raging in Thailand with the three major carriers, Thai Airways, Thai AirAsia and Bangkok Airways all launching exceptional promotional airfares within days of each other.

Thai Airways recent promotional attempt to topple the budget carriers, 'Fly Thai, Get More' has been met head on by Bangkok Airways, 'Flyers Pass' promotion.

Thai Airways have cut up to 20% off fares on selected regional routes with thirty economy seats per flights being included in the deal.

In response Bangkok Airways launched, 'Flyers pass', a booklet of four flight tickets valid for one year and ranging in price from 9,000 Baht to 29,000 Baht.  

Chonlada Chevathakorn, Bangkok Airwayss senior sales director said, ''in general Bangkok Airways does not give discounted fares to passengers during the high season for traveling, but we are doing so this year, to stimulate passenger numbers. The average air fare under the promotion is discounted by 20 per cent from normal prices,"

The range of flyers passes includes, 'fun', valid on dosmetic routes and costing 9,000 Baht, 'Fusion', which covers domestic routes as well as flights from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh and Phnom Penh, 'Fancy', domestic and international routes including Singapore and Siam Reap and the most expensive package, 'Freedom' at 29,000 Baht and covering destinations as far afield as The Maldives and Hiroshima.

Bangkok Airways expects the passes to be sold out wihtin four months but with the air fare war still raging and other carriers entering the arena this could prove a difficult time for the airlines, but a great time for regional and domestic travellers.

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